Looking to relocate from Silicon Valley or NYC to Miami?

The Magic City is now a hotspot with a growing population of tech and Silicon Valley natives who have been flocking to this great city in droves. It’s something we like to call the Mass ‘Techxodus’.

Why Miami and Not Austin?

Major players in Miami such as City of Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez and Billionaire Entrepreneur and Visionary Moishe Mana, have been at the forefront of building a tech hub in the center of Downtown Miami in the coveted and historic ‘Flagler District.’

  • To be at the forefront of something big
  • Affordable real estate
  • No state income, inheritance and estate taxes
  • Diversity of culture and thought
  • Sunny weather all year round
  • Active communities
  • World-class healthcare
  • Sandy beaches
  • Various forms of entertainment
  • Incredible dining
  • Work-Life Balance

Recently, Mayor Suarez has made a splash on Twitter in his interactions with tech entrepreneurs from the Valley and he and Mana’s team are working together to make this vision a reality.

Whatever was the reason that prompted you to considering relocating to Miami, we’re here to help with any questions you may have and any relocation services you may need.

Looking to relocate to Miami? S&S Global’s team of relocation concierges are here to help you with all things turn-key relocation from your commercial and residential real estate transactions, to furnishing your home, dealing with internet providers and filling the refrigerator with groceries.

Want to chat more about moving to Miami? Email me at meg@megconnolly.com or tweet me at @megconnolly_!



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Meghan Maloof Berdellans

Meghan Maloof Berdellans

Moving Silicon Valley to Miami one step at a time, innovating the relocation industry through real estate. Social Media Consultant. TheEndo.Co; #MegBert