• Julianne Beatty

    Julianne Beatty

    Film Buff. Book Lover (non fiction). Mom to one lucky Rabbit named Roo. Analyst. Open Heart Surgery Survivor x2.

  • Nick Botero

    Nick Botero

  • Dakota Shane

    Dakota Shane

    I help make content marketing simple. Columnist: Inc.com. Co-Founder: Copy Buffs (a copywriting agency). Follow me on Twitter. www.copybuffs.com

  • Richard Moore

    Richard Moore

    Startup Mentor | Sales consultant | Investor in exciting new companies🔥 15+ years in LOVE with selling & coaching! Weekly Live Q&A on Facebook (Mon @1pm GMT)

  • Erin Frances

    Erin Frances

  • Amy Jackson

    Amy Jackson

    im a daughter, a sister, and an aunt. i love being all three

  • Michael Cafiero

    Michael Cafiero

  • Jordan Collins

    Jordan Collins

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